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Progress Updates & DPR

Last updated January 10, 2024

Effortlessly track site progress with our progress update feature. Slide through each BOQ element, ensuring precise monitoring of task completion.

Manage projects efficiently, keeping them on schedule. Transparent updates guarantee stakeholders reliable information on project status, fostering effective project management.

"Item type: Production"

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"Raw Material"

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"Bought Out"

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Progress Updates & DPR

"Site Work"

Progress Updates & DPR

After giving progress status update on elements,click on the Generate Report to upload the Daily Progress Report.

Progress Updates & DPR

"After clicking on the Generate report, you;ve to update few things like (e.g: Manpower Category, Reported Project Progress% and projected end date)."

Progress Updates & DPR

Your submitted DPR will show in Progress report section.

Progress Updates & DPR

You can download the DPR by clicking on the Actions button.

Progress Updates & DPR

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